My Story

Neal's KidTek Story


My story with KidTek began the summer after I graduated from 8th grade.  I was 13 years old and eager for some responsibility and a chance to grow as a young (very young) professional.  I first began volunteering as an intern at KidTek that summer.  I remember accidentally putting one of the Co-Founders  Santana Peck, on hold while still learning the ropes.  From that experience I came back to KidTek each summer while in HS to volunteer and intern.

While in HS, KidTek exposed me to different aspects of being a professional.  I learned office and phone etiquette, how to be an effective camp counselor, and was even mentored by a Education PhD student while learning to teach my first class.  KidTek provided the space and opportunity for me to grow into the professional I am today.

KidTek also loved me by holding us accountable to a high bar of professionalism.  I’m certain that I can speak on my cohort of interns when I say that the acute attention to detail around the particularities of our lives, made the difference in our lives.

Today, I’m a 4th Grade Special Education teacher in Newark, NJ.  I love my work and the life that I’ve built for myself.  The mentorship and opportunity provided by KidTek helped form me into the man I am today.